Artisul A1201 10×6.3 Inches Digital Graphic Pen Tablet Supports Tilt & Radial Function with Express and Multimedia Keys (440PPS) Specs/Price


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NEW ARRIVAL- Artisul A1201 10×6.3 Inches Art Digital Graphic Tablet for Drawing

1. Battery-free Pen with Two Customizable Keys

Digital pen P62 that needs no battery or charge supports natural and precise reproducing of your great ideas. Passive stylus P62 with 340-440 PPS report rate, which makes you freely output your inspiration immediately. Providing you accurate and smoothly drawing experience.

2.Sufficient Working Area

The graphic drawing tablet size is 349.29 x 207.79mm/10×6 inch for PC, 161.5*90.8mm for Android, sufficient working area provides the user with enough space to work.

3. 8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

The digital tablet with professional Pressure Sensitivity gives you professional drawing experience.

4. 8 Customizable Express Keys and 16 Multimedia Buttons

There are 8 press keys and 16 pen-enabled touch keys on A1201, which can be assigned to different functions according to user's needs.

Press key x 8: To adjust brush size, zoom in/out canvas, etc.

Multimedia Keys A1201 x 16: To control multimedia or realize different functions of software.

5. ±60° Tilt Support

±60° tilt support that enables lines in various shapes allows you to add more organic strokes and lines to your work as you're drawing with a real pen.

6. Android OS Supported

A1201 can be compatible with Android OS 6.0 or later. Connect the tablet to your mobile Android phone/tablet with OTG adapter, then we can start art creation freely.

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