Artisul D13S Graphics Drawing Tablet Monitor 8192 Levels 13.3 inch IPS Digital Graphic Art Tablet with Express Keys and a Dial Specs/Price


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1. Create directly on the screen

13.3inch FHD IPS screen with 8192 levels battery-free pen will have you enjoy the presentation, where you can find the delicacy of each detail as they are fully unfolded.

2.Enjoy true colors brought by FHD

The screen of pen display D13S boasts high definitions that ensures 16.7 million colors, 75% Adobe RGB to be presented without any disparity

3.Facilitate your work with express keys and a quick dial

User-friendly pen display D13S not only supports both left-hand and right-hand users, but also provides 6 programmable express keys and a quick dial to facilitate your work.

4.Create in a more flexible way

D13S weighs only 1.1kg that enables you to draw at anytime and anywhere as there is an USB 3.0 cable for power connection, where there is no need of an AC adaptor.

5.OS support

Artisul pen display D13S works smoothly on both Windows and macOS, where you can use designer software of various kinds.

Up to 5 functions can be programmed simultaneously according to your own habits. The function could be switched by pressing button in the dial for a two consistency press.


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