Artisul D16 15.6 inch Graphic Tablet for Drawing with 8192 Levels Battery-Free Pen Digital Pen Display Monitor with Express Keys Specs/Price


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Artisul D16 15.6 inch Graphic Tablet Monitor Battery-free pen 8192 Levels Pressure Pen Drawing Tablet Display Monitor

1. Portable charge way:

Convenient way to be charged only just connect to the computer through a USB 3.0 interface without worrying about finding an external power supply.

2. Active Electromagnetic Resonance:

Lightweight & thin: 15.6inch screen with 16.5mm thinness and 1.55KG weight, which is portable for you to carry out wherever you want. Besides, the brightness adjustment button helps you to change the brightness to fit the varying environment conditions.

3. Battery-free pen with 8192 level pressure:

Movements on the screen with different force could be sensitively captured, which allows you to get the lines in different shapes and shades .

4. Shortcut keys:

7 customized shortcut keys and a dial can be programmed in the driver according to your habits.

5. 76% Adobe RGB gamut:

High gamut delivers smoother and more natural transition between colors with more gorgeous and richer colors, bringing you a fantastic sensory experience

6. AG Film:

There is a piece of AG film on the surface screen of Atisul D16 with the function of anti – glare, anti-fingerprint and scratch resistance keeping the screen clean.

233PPS report rate: Every stroke can be presented consistently and smoothly in a quick response, bringing your concept into world without hesitation.

Up to 5 functions can be programmed simultaneously according to your own habits. The function could be switched by pressing button in the dial for a two consistency press.


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