Artisul M0610 Pro Battery-free Digital Graphic Pen Tablet for Drawing & Playing OSU with 8 Express Keys and a Dial Funtion Key Specs/Price


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M0610 Pro is compatible with PDF/WORD/EXCEL/POWEROINT, you could write note in your computer on the classes of distant education
M0610 Pro can also run with Zoom/Ding Talk/Idroo/XSpilit/Twitch, In the live streaming, it could help you considerably improves the effeciency of work.

1. Battery-free Pen with Two Customizable Keys

The graphic tablet no need to use battery and rechargeable pen, express your inspiration freely. passive technology allows users to work without constraints.

2.Sufficient Working Area

The graphic drawing tablet size is 258.47 x 161.54mm/10×6 inch for PC, 161.54*100.5mm for Android, sufficient working area provides the user with enough space to work.

3. 8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

The digital tablet with professional Pressure Sensitivity gives you professional drawing experience.

4. 8 Customizable Express Keys and a dial

8 shortcuts simplify the drawing process, greatly improving the efficiency of drawing. The keys are available for you to individualize your work and achieve higher efficiency. Marks created on each key can even help you locate your fingers without looking on the pen tablet.

Features of Dial:

1)canvas size adjustment
2)canvas scrolling
3)brush size adjustment
all features above are programmable

5. ±60° Tilt Support

±60° tilt support that enables lines in various shapes allows you to add more organic strokes and lines to your work as you're drawing with a real pen.

6. Android OS Supported

To use your Artisul M0610 on Android 6.0 or later versions is supported as long as you connect the pen tablet to an Android device via an OTG adaptor, which will greatly facilitate your drawing outdoors.

Pen Tablet
P58B battery-free pen
Pen bag
10 Pen nibs
Pen nib clip
USB cable
Quick start guide
OTG adapter x2
Gloves with LOGO

Working area (PC):258.47×161.54mm (10x6inch)
Working area (mobile phone):161.54×100.5mm
Net weight:540g
Digital pen:P58B
Handwritten resolution:5080LPI
Pressure level:8192Levels
Read rate:300PPS
Induction height:10mm
Shortcut button:8 shortcut buttons
Dial:Dial (supports Microsoft Dial function)
Video signal interface:USB-C
System compatible:Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.8.5 or later, Android 6.0 or later