Drawing Pen Tablet H610 PRO V2 8192 Levels Graphic Tablet with Battery-Free Pen Tilt Function Specs/Price


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Product Features:

1) No more charging for the pen

The pen PW100 is a stylish battery-free pen, thanks to EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology, you no longer need to worry about the battery went out or dead.

2) Portable size

The 353 x 245 x 10mm compact size makes it easy to put in your bag. In addition, the active area of the tablet is 10 x 6.25inch which offers you enough space to create.

3) Smooth materials

The cover on the tablet used a top-graded material, which provides a smooth paper-like texture while stays anti-scratching.

4) Natural control and precision

±60 levels natural tilt recognition combined with professional 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity offer more accurate and natural drawing experience.10mm reading heights, 5080LPI in resolution, plus 233RPS in reading rates, these features allowing you to experience both precision and control.

5) Handy express keys

8 express keys on the left side of the tablet, and 16 soft keys on the top of the active area, plus two pen buttons, all customizable and easy to set up. You can tailor the setting to your preference.

6) Compatibility

It is compatible with windows 7 or later,MAC OS 10.12 or later. Also, it is compatible with many main drawing program on the market, for example, photoshop, Paint tool sai, Illustrator, Clip Studio and so on. One year warranty.

7) /huion/HUION Newest V14 Driver:

In this newest version, besides the newly designed installation interface, it presents a more fluent and artistic installing process as well. In this new driver, there are some major upgrades and new functions.