GAOMON Drawing Pen 2048 Levels ArtPaint AP10 Stylus for GAOMON S56K/M106K/ Huion 420/ Specs/Price


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GAOMON Professional Digital Pen 2048 Levels ArtPaint AP10 Stylus for /gaomon/GAOMON S56K/M106K/ /huion/HUION 420 Drawing Tablet


Suitable for /gaomon/GAOMON Graphic Drawing Tablet S56K.NOT be compatible with Screen/Phone/PC/iPad/WacomTablet/Pen Display

LIGHT WEIGHTOnly 22g even the battery is installed in the pen (Battery is not included in the package). Your hand won’t be tired after long time use

HIGH PARAMETERWith 2048 high level pen pressure, make you use it like a real pen drawing on the paper; the line can be showed smoothly, help you completing a great work.


SIMPLE TO OPERATEOnly need to put one AAA battery into digital pen. First press down the ON/OFF switch on the top of it, you can use the pen directly. Second press switch to power off the pen, then save energy.


PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONThere are 2 express keys on the pen which can be customized as you like.


PEN NIB & CLIPPackage Content: 1 x ArtPaint AP10 Pen (Battery is not included in the package), 4 x Replacement pen nibs, and 1 x Pen clip. Pen tip can be replaced, prolong the service life of the pen and reduce the waste of resources.



"NOT be"compatible with Wacom Pen Graphics Tablets

"NOT be"compatible with Cell Phone

"NOT be"compatible with Computer

"NOT be"compatible with PC

"NOT be"compatible with IPAD

"Be"compatible with the following graphic tablet:


Huion 420/H420/H580/580/H58L/K58/W58/680S/P608N/680TF

Huion H610/H610PRO/1060PRO+/1060PLUS/NEW1060PLUS/DWH69

Monoprice 10 x 6.25 (110594/110593)

Turcom TS-6610/ TS-6580B/TS-6580/TS-680/TS-6608N

Please note: This digital pen can be only used for /gaomon/GAOMON &HUION brand tablet, it is not compatible for other brands.



Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer

Model: ArtPaint AP10

Net Weight: 22g

Power Source: AAA Battery

Power Switch: Yes

What is in the box?

1 x ArtPaint AP10 Pen (Battery is not included in the package)

4 x Replacement Pen Nibs

1 x Pen Clip