Huion Adjustable Stand ST300 Pen Display Monitor Metal Multi-Angle Bracket Portable Stand for Kamvas 13 /12 Kamvas Pro 12/13 Specs/Price


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Ergonomic Design: /huion/HUION ST300 stand can be moved between 20 and 60 degrees to suit your work way, which helps reduce tension for your neck, shoulder and back, and offers you the best viewing angle for drawing and typing.
Stay in Position: With the anti-slip mats on the Aluminum-alloy surface, the ST300 stand can help you avoid unnecessary skidding to keep your device in place securely. And the hidden stopper can keep your device in position.
Carry it Around: Just fold the /huion/HUION ST300 stand into an 11mm thin and flat piece, then you can easily put it in your bag and carry it around.
Universal Usage: /huion/HUION ST300 stand is the original stand for Kamvas 12/13/16(2021) and Kamvas Pro 12/Pro 13. It also fits most drawing tablets and laptops(for 15.6 inches and under), such as for Wacom Cintiq 16, XP-PEN Artist 16 Pro and so on.

Suitable for /huion/HUION products:
H610 ProV2, H640P, HS610, HS611, H1060P, H1161, H430P, H950P, Q11K, Q11K V2, WH1409, WH1409 V2, H320M, Q620M, Kamvas 12, Kamvas 13, Kamvas 16(2021), Kamvas Pro 12, Kamvas Pro 13, Kamvas Pro 16